I help coaches create their business by manifesting powerfully and marketing differently

The Synchronicity Club is here to support you every single day in maintaining the state of mind needed to manifest powerfully.

Hi, I'm Michelle Sera, creator of
The Synchronicity Club
I'd like to invite you to 12 months of:
  • A community of coaches and manifestors who are building incredible businesses. Your tribe to bounce ideas off of and co-create with.
  • Weekly videos with tips & strategies for creating the business you dream of.
  • Daily inspirational messages in your inbox to help you maintain the state for manifesting wildly.
  • Monthly Live Calls to ask questions, get support, and build manifesting momentum.

Look, to manifest big things in your business, you need a tribe of manifestors at your back.  You need daily inspiration and regular guidance, so you can focus on your business success. 

The Synchronicity Club is a new, exciting community for coaches & creators who understand the value in immersing yourself in a higher vibration.  Join us, I bet you're a perfect fit :)

You gotta surround yourself with like minds and high vibrations to manifest wildly.  That's what the Synchronicity Club 
is here for!

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